Object Oriented JavaScript

Today has been rather interesting. I have finished the first 3 lessons of the Object Oriented JavaScript course offered by Udacity. So far, I have gone over Scope, Closures, and the various subtleties of the parameter ‘this’. The Scope and Closure lessons were rather straightforward, as the conceptual basis of scope in JavaScript is actually quite close to the idea of variable scope in modern Quantification Theory. The lesson on Closures was also quite straightforward, due to the fact that logical reasoning required when making use of Closures is of a kind with that involved in Aristotelian Logic.

I have had several occasions in the past to make use of the parameter ‘this’, and so far I have been quite successful, but this instructor for this course gave a really useful rule of thumb for determining the referent of particular usages of the parameter ‘this’, viz. the ‘left of the dot’ rule. It would be in my best interest to always keep this rule in mind in the future.

I am especially looking forward to completing this course, because the final project looks really fun. Expect to stay posted on my progress. You can also find a link to the github repo for my interactive resume below. See you all next week!



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