Completed Object Oriented JavaScript and a Possible Announcement

So, I completed the Object Oriented JavaScript course from Udacity, and I must say that I am thoroughly unimpressed. The beginning portions of the course were alright, but the middle and ending portions went by too fast and were horrendously explained. I can honestly say that I will need more practice with the Object Oriented features of JavaScript before I am able to move on to the project for the course.

Aside from that, I decided to try my hand at the YouTube Video Page challenge on the Odin Project’s website, I have not completed it yet, but I will be posting a link to the CodePen page below.

In other news, there might be a big announcement in the coming weeks. I hate to keep you all in the dark, but I will need to wait for official confirmation before I divulge any information. Be sure to stay tuned to see if that ever comes to fruition!



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