JavaScript interactive resume

Greetings readers! It has been a minute since I have done any work with JavaScript, so I have decided to refresh my skills in this area by going through Udacity’s JavaScript Basics course. After completing this course, I will have built a fully interactive resume that I can show to potential employers. So that is […]

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Practice, practice, practice

This post will be quite simple and straightforward. Over the past few days, I have mainly been practicing basic php skills. The new skills that I have been really hammering in are linking from one php file to another and processing use input from html forms. It is quite interesting how easily this can be […]

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Switching over to PHP

Hey everybody. This post will be a quick one. I am just stopping by on this post to notify you that I will be switching my focus from Ruby to PHP for backend development. I have decided on this for several reasons. Firstly, PHP seems to be a more widely used language in the industry […]

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Hitting a jQuery brickwall

Hello to all! I am currently working on the restaurant page jQuery challenge on The Odin Project and I have hit a quite inexplicable brick wall. The problem I am dealing with has to do with the click event listeners. Everytime I click one of the top links on my page, it will empty the […]

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JavaScript calculator and Ruby

Greetings everyone. I am happy to announce that I have something significant that I can show you regarding my JavaScript calculator. I have not finished the project completely as of right now, but I have successfully implemented all of the requisite functionality. All that remains¬† is some minor styling additions and layout issues. I have […]

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