My Intuit Mint Page

Yello. I am just stopping by really quick to inform all of you that I have almost completed the next challenge on the Odin Project, which is to recreate the Intuit Mint sign up/login page. Even though this assignment only requires the use of HTML & CSS, I thought I would up the ante by […]

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My YouTube Page

Hello. I am just stopping by really quickly to say that my YouTube has in its essentials been completed. As always, I will be providing a link to the CodePen page for the project below, and constructive criticism. For my next project, I think I will continue on with the HTML & CSS sections on […]

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Object Oriented JavaScript

Today has been rather interesting. I have finished the first 3 lessons of the Object Oriented JavaScript course offered by Udacity. So far, I have gone over Scope, Closures, and the various subtleties of the parameter ‘this’. The Scope and Closure lessons were rather straightforward, as the conceptual basis of scope in JavaScript is actually […]

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Gotta love JavaScript.

Hello everyone. As you all know, I have been working through Udacity’s JavaScript Basics course. I have stopped by to say that I finished the course earlier this morning. I am now working my way through the Intro to jQuery course, which is also run by Udacity. This course has been fairly straightforward, but I […]

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JavaScript interactive resume

Greetings readers! It has been a minute since I have done any work with JavaScript, so I have decided to refresh my skills in this area by going through Udacity’s JavaScript Basics course. After completing this course, I will have built a fully interactive resume that I can show to potential employers. So that is […]

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Practice, practice, practice

This post will be quite simple and straightforward. Over the past few days, I have mainly been practicing basic php skills. The new skills that I have been really hammering in are linking from one php file to another and processing use input from html forms. It is quite interesting how easily this can be […]

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